painter, sculptor, illustrator

Selected Works

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Alice, 2006
styrofoam, plaster, latex
cm 275x300x300
Andersen Museum Rome, Italy

Abnormal, is a site specific sculptural project curated by Francesca Cavallo in 2006 for the Oltreconfine Art competition in Andersen Museum Rome sponsored by MACRO, DARC, and UniversitÓ La Sapienza Rome, Italy.

A tribute to the sculptor Hendrik Christian Andersen (Bergen, 1872 - Rome, 1940)
and his monumental plaster sculptural groups that never left his house-museum.

Andersen's philosophy was that art could change humanity and produce perfection, starting from his obsessive search of perfection and harmony and the monumental, heavy sculptures trapped in a room, i created, with the precious collaboration of the artist Mauro Cifaratti three sculptures in styrofoam, plaster and latex:

Alice cm300x275x300
Hieronymus cm130x200x120
Hendrik cm140x440x140.

Alice is trapped inside a pumpkin, inside her perfect world, Alice is a pumpkin who want to be a child, trapped in a room, free to be, Alice is huge but she is very light, Alice is a man trapped in her body, like Hendrik, the sculptor, in love with the American writer Henry James. Alice is wonderland, where you can hide for a while.

Hendrik, 2006
styrofoam, plaster, latex
Andersen Museum Rome, Italy

Hendrik is a being trapped more than in his gigantism, in is anatomy. Unable to move, he seem condemned to an eternal state of imperfection, a continuos mutation kept in balance only by the infantile element, the doll's arm stretched out to seek a foothold to free himself from his dramatic condition.

Is the animal element that wins, the stiffness of the adult or the childish playful softness?

Hieronymus, 2006
styrofoam, plaster, latex
Andersen Museum Rome, Italy

Hieronymus is a tribute to the visonary work of the great dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch (1453-1516) who with great irony painted man's conflicts with the rules imposed by religious morality, his works range from dream to madness, exactly where Hieronymus, the sculptur, remains suspended, in the ambiguous gesture of defense or attack, a huge green fish with one arm stratched high and ready to wield a dagger.